Intestinal infections in dogs, its causes and treatment

التهابات الأمعاء في الكلاب أسبابه وعلاجه -


Scientists have not been able to determine the actual cause that leads to enteritis in dogs until now. However, some scientists believe that the cause of enteritis in dogs is a defensive or natural reaction of the immune system to some abnormal factors, which make the immune system view them as harmful to the dog's body. But there are a lot of possible causes, which are still under study and among these reasons



 Chronic stress and anxiety

 sensitivity to Food 

 Infection with bacteria and fungi 

 Excessive intake of antibiotics 

Imbalance in the immune system 

What are the dogs most susceptible to inflammatory bowel disease?

French Bulldog 

 Basenji dog 

Landhind dogs

Irish setter dogs 

What are the symptoms of enteritis in dogs?



 Stomach pain in the dog

 Loss of dog weight

Exit some gases

Medicines used to treat enteritis in dogs

 antibiotics such as (metronidazole)

Immunosuppressants such as (zathiofrine)

 corticosteroids (such as prednisone) 

 Antibiotics to treat diarrhea



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