Cat strains are the best and less prone to disease and more adaptive

سلالات القطط افضل الانواع والاقل عرضه للامراض والأكثر قدره  على التكيف -


Cats are wonderful pets that are closely related to their owner. When you own a cat from childhood and see it grow up in front of you, you feel as if it is one of your children. You take care of it and take care of it in the stages of its life. When it grows up, its health problems and aging diseases that haunt it increase. There are a group of breeds and types of cats that remain healthy for most of their lives. are fortunate enough to be healthy, especially if their ancestors are numerous and thus can guarantee them greater genetic diversity

Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat is considered one of the most famous and expensive types of pet domestic cats that everyone loves to raise at home because of the calmness of the Maine Coon cat and its quick harmony with other pets and adaptation to various rituals. It has a distinctive external appearance and has high hunting skills, also known as giant cats. Having short hair on their head and then increasing in length towards the shoulders and body, their thick hair and fur also allows them to stay healthy, their hair is water resistant and allows them to spend long hours outdoors hunting and playing without the risk of disease

 British cat

What the British cat is most famous for is the thick hair of short length; Which gives its fur a dense appearance, and it has short legs, in addition to its compact body, and the average weight of the British cat ranges from 3 kilograms to 7.5 kilograms, while its average length ranges from 55 to 62.5 centimeters, and its fur can carry multiple colors such as Blue, black, red, white and cream, in addition to smokey and striped, and his eyes usually bear a copper color, or blue, or green, or gold, and the average age of this type of cat ranges from 12 to 16 years, and it is a quiet and social breed, which makes it They are great pets, moreover they have very strong health

 Bengal cat

The Bengali cat is the owner of scientific theft stories and the most expensive types of cats. The Bengali cat has dense and soft fur, colored in colors that make it very noticeable. A wild leopard that was taken from the wild, but at the beginning of the crossbreeding it was very sad as it resulted in very fierce cats, and the males were all sterile and it is a healthy breed in their lifetimes.

 Manx cat

The Manx cat is similar to ordinary domestic cats found in all homes, but the strange and different thing about the Manx cat is that its breed is completely tailless, and its fur is very light like rabbit fur. Its fur is in other different colors, and it is one of the smartest cats ever, and it can adapt in any environment and various environments easily, and it is one of the cat breeds that has the least health problems.

American shorthair cat

This cat is characterized as one of the beloved characters and is able to adapt to most environments of the world, and you always see it happy and cheerful and loves to play with you. athletic, but the American cat has great strength than other short-haired cats and this makes them significantly more powerful because they are less susceptible to certain diseases


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