Inflammation of the uterus

التهاب الرحم -


It is a common disease in cows, as a result of germs or parasites entering the uterus, infections, abortion problems, and poor fertilization. 

:the reasons

Natural insemination from sick males

Contaminated IVF guns

after placenta retention

Difficult childbirth that required insertion of the hand into the womb to adjust the advent of the fetus

Reproductive system defects 

Malnutrition and lack of salts and vitamins facilitate the occurrence of inflammation

Alabakir rarely affects the absence of its causes 


Insemination from healthy males

Ensure hygiene during artificial insemination

Ensuring hygiene and using the required medications after manual intervention

Improving the diet and adding feed supplements to it


Repeated application, pregnancy failure

Uterine discharge, ranging from clear but runny fluids, to purulent fluids that are pasty and thick in texture 

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