The male herd and its most important characteristics

The bull or the male is considered half of the herd because it represents half of the genetic genes transmitted to the flock, so some attention must be taken into account when purchasing or breeding the bull to get the best production from the herd of newborns

What to consider when buying a divorce 

The head is large, the neck is thick and curved, the shoulders are strong, full and thick, the chest is broad and full of solid muscles, the thighs are strong and far apart, the legs are strong, with a standing position on the body, free from lameness and sound hooves, the body is deep in the chest and abdomen, the back is straight and the skin is free of folds, especially around the neck or front The chest and eyes are bright and shiny, the snout is bright and soggy, the skin is free of external parasites, and the exits of the body (nose and anus) are free of secretions. The testicles must also be examined and made sure of their presence. It contains sufficient information about the lineage of the divorced woman and the production of his fathers and grandfathers


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