Incubators, their types, how they work, and their importance

الفقاسات أنواعها وكيفية عملها واهميتها -

 Incubators, egg incubators, or an egg hatching machine is a device that works to provide the appropriate climatic conditions of temperature, humidity, and stirring that the embryo needs inside the egg to complete its growth and thus the embryo (chicks or chicks) exit from the egg without the need for the incubating mother. It is an essential method in modern poultry projects and companies. It represents The poultry sector is a huge economy among countries and is important to people in terms of food and the provision of large quantities of white meat. Hatching devices (hatchers) also differ in their sizes, manufacturing methods and working mechanism. 

Egg hatching devices differ in their working mechanism, manufacturing method, or sizes. The main factor for these devices is to provide an alternative environment for incubating the mother, which is suitable for the growth of the fetus, such as the heat  Humidity, stirring and ventilation, and there are several types, some of which are fully automatic, and some are manual. As for the sizes, they vary, starting from the smallest capacity of nine eggs, up to the size of twenty thousand eggs. As for the large poultry projects, there are complete rooms equipped with a capacity of more than fifty thousand eggs. The control of temperature and humidity is at the level of the entire room. As for the flipping, it is automatic, and they are moving shelves inside the room on which the fertilized eggs are placed.

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