Sheep fattening secrets

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Sheep selection

For the success of the fattening process, healthy lambs that are active and energetic must be selected, taking into account the following: 

Lambs should be close in age from 2 to 3 months and weight from 20 to 25 kilos 

That the lambs be of the same sex, and it is preferable to choose male lambs for fattening because they are faster in growth and better in meat, and females can be fattened if they are not suitable for breeding 

 It is preferable to start fattening lambs immediately after weaning, because the older the animal, the lower the growth rate and the lower the conversion rate. 

It is preferable to buy lambs directly from the farm, because transporting them to and from the market exposes them to stress, and their presence in the market exposes them to disease 

When buying lambs, you must pay attention to the following 

Buying from reliable sources, i.e. from breeders with a good reputation and taking care of them during pregnancy and childbirth. Lambs that got their share of colostrum and milk are faster growing and more resistant to diseases. It is known that the weight of lambs is related to the weight of their parents. 

It is preferable to buy lambs from one breeder, if possible, or from a smaller number of breeders, because this facilitates their management and reduces the possibility of transmitting diseases with them. 

The following shall be observed when transporting lambs 

If the distance is within 5 km or less, it is preferable to transport the lambs on foot, to reduce stress and reduce the risks resulting from loading and unloading. 

 If the distance is long, clean, straw-furnished cars must be used to prevent slipping, and a person must be present with the lambs to take care of them. It is preferable that the transport take place early in the morning and during the night if the weather is hot. 

Lambs must be inspected every two hours during transportation, and they must be given an hour break every 8 hours during transportation, during which hay and water are provided 

It is advised not to transport animals after they have eaten the diet, and the feed must be removed 12 hours before the time of transport, and the water 6 hours before 

Not carrying the animal or holding it by its wool or skin to avoid internal bleeding that would harm the carcass and reduce its value.


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