Some hoof diseases and their treatment

بعض أمراض الحافر وعلاجها -
The horse's hoof is susceptible to diseases and infections. Here are some of the most important diseases that affect it, along with the way to treat them

Hoof decay

In this disease, the hoof tissue crumbles and turns into fine particles, and the lower surface of the hoof is susceptible to infection. The causes of this disease have varied; It has been said that it occurs when the pressure of the shoe is intense on the hoof, and it was said when the temperature of the shoe is intense at the time of application. Horse stress is also a reason

The treatment is to remove the crumbling gray matter, clean the hoof well, and fill the hole that forms after removing it with tar.

wrist stick

They are cracks that occur at the end of the wrist, and they occur due to lack of hygiene, or from the horse staying in a damp place, or from the halter rubbing against the wrist, and others

To treat this disease, it is necessary to remove the causes, as we mentioned, then cut the hair around the cracks and clean them of dirt and filth, then apply them daily with a laxative ointment.

The eagle disintegrated

A rotten or rotting vulture peels off the flesh of the foot, especially under the bottom of the hoof, and a strong-smelling suppuration arises from it.. In order to treat this condition, after the appearance of these symptoms, the vulture’s two forks must be opened, to remove the exfoliated hooves, then the wound is washed with lukewarm water, then Clean with a disinfectant. After the vulture is cured, it is coated with tar, especially on both sides of its bottom, making sure that the sole is not tight or pressing on the vulture.

Burning hoof plate

In this case, the sensitive part of the surface of the hoof becomes severely infected, if the iron is placed while it is in a state of redness, and the hoof that is curved or thin is more susceptible to burning than others. This condition is characterized by obvious lameness, narrow steps, and a feeling of heat when placing the hand on the surface of the hoof.
As for the effective treatment, it is complete rest, with placing the hoof in a lime water solution for half an hour a day, after that the hoof is dried and then painted with oil mixed with a little bit of tar.

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