Camel health, eating and drinking

صحة الهجن وأكله وشربه -

Camel health, eating and drinking

The most important factor in the success of a camel after its good and previous origin is that the eating, drinking and feeding program must be according to a well-studied and tested program that is suitable for the age of the mount.

Here, each course is distinguished from the other according to experience, and there is no recognized eating program, but these are some points that will help to develop a successful program represented in:

 The beginning of the Hashi program to check his blood to ensure that he is free from chronic diseases such as anemia and to check the level of iron, copper, calcium and enzymes in the normal level

 Al-Futtaim needs a lot of protein to build the muscles of his body and calcium to grow his bones, and he needs iron, copper and vitamins for the health of his blood and all his organs

It is necessary for the Hashi's food to contain a sufficient percentage of the nutritional components he needs and to give him the nutrients when there is a deficiency

 Protecting him from diseases by using vitamins on a regular basis and making sure that the source of drinking and eating is free of parasites, mold and bird droppings that cause coccidia.

Giving the enclosure milk continuously, even once a week, to help it grow its bones

 Avoid feeding ghee and oils in large quantities or continuously because they are not useful and the digestive system of camels cannot deal with fats because they do not contain bitterness.

 Dates are very necessary to be among the filling foods on a daily basis, but the quantity should not be exaggerated, and attention should be paid to being of good quality, free from insects.

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