kiosk Pigeons

حمام الكشك -

of sorts Pigeons xenovik
The most important characteristic of this species is its short beak, which gives it a very beautiful shape
In the purebred species, the beak is very short and wide at the same time. The countries of the Middle East, especially Egypt, are considered the origin of this breed of pigeons.
The origin of it is characterized by wide eyes surrounded by two white eyelids, and it is famous for the presence of a tuft of feathers in the chest, which appears in the form of a half rose or similar to a vine. It is also characterized by the presence of feathers lightly on the toes. When viewed from the side, the eye and the foot should be on one vertical line and shape
The head is not spherical or oval, but rather takes a form between that, and the color of the pupils of the eyes is orange, except for Pigeons With a white head, it will be dark
Strange in this kind of Pigeons Compassionate with man, so he shall not be afraid of him. this
The species is characterized by a lofty stance, strong endurance, good movement and flight, good breeding, and its breeding is no different from the rest of the species. Pigeons Adornment in terms of housing, feeding and care is all Pigeons Similar to some of this aspect and not as some amateurs believe that there are special methods of breeding for this type or followed, and it is natural to be excluded from this rule Pigeons The pilot and the homing pigeon, either the rest Pigeons Decorations are all similar in the method of education, despite the different shapes, colors and characteristics, but it is necessary to provide alternative pairs for the nursery of the young, as is usual for all types of Pigeons other decorations. And the victim is here Pigeons The carrier that is used for all purposes
My prices vary in the markets, but most of the time its price increases continuously and reaches up to
Imaginary prices, especially for good quality with distinctive and desirable colors

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