Deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in camels

نقص الكالسيوم والفوسفور في الإبل -

These two elements are very basic and important in the formation of the skeleton of an animal. Calcium deficiency is less common than phosphorus deficiency. Calcium deficiency occurs in camel camels that are given high-energy fodder, after which these camels excrete calcium in the urine, which leads to an imbalance of calcium and phosphorus. The imbalance may cause osteoporosis. Phosphorous deficiency is the most common among camels, and the imbalance of these two elements may cause a disease called torsion and crooked legs, and cause a disease called acidity of the blood, and a perverted appetite. Likewise, the imbalance of these two elements causes the occurrence of fractures in the long bones at a high rate, and these animals also suffer severe pain in the joints, lameness, and difficulty in getting up or standing.

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