Parrot fever

حمى البغبغاء -


It is a serious disease that affects birds and is considered an infectious disease for humans

Among the most important symptoms of the disease is the bird losing its appetite, shortness of breath, severe diarrhea, pus coming out of its eyes, and nasal mucus, and with the development of the disease. The bird becomes paralyzed.

the reasons

The presence of a microbe in the droppings of the infected bird, and neglecting hygiene, especially in the feeder Food And water is one of the most important reasons for the spread of this disease. Among birds, sudden changes in temperature, cold diseases, and non-renewable air may be effective factors in facilitating infection with this disease and the speed of infection with it.


The disease must be treated as soon as symptoms appear by cleaning and disinfecting the cage, changing the water daily, adding penicillin to drinking water, adding vitamin A + D, and taking good care of the bird's food.

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