Diarrhea in young camels and its causes

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 This disease is caused by microbes, including Salmonella, Bacillus coli, and others. This disease causes death of young camels if the condition worsens.

Symptoms of this disease are related to the age group of young camels

 In the case of newborns infected in the first two weeks, the diarrhea is almost white in color, and this little boy loses his appetite and becomes severely emaciated. The cause of this condition is Bacillus coli.

The second category is for newborns, whose ages range from two weeks to forty days

And its symptoms are diarrhea that may contain blood, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite, and the cause here is mostly salmonella

The third category for newborns older than the previous ages up to one year old,

These symptoms are a continuation of the symptoms of body wasting and loss of appetite. They are also associated with pneumonia, and the cause here is salmonella.

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