Oestrus cycle in sheep and goats

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The estrus cycle in sheep is 17 days (14-20 days), and estrus continues during the breeding season for up to 30 hours. It decreases in young and old ewes and is affected by some environmental factors.

The period of estrus in goats is 18-22 days, and the symptoms of estrus last 32-48 hours, and ovulation occurs 30-36 hours after its onset.

It is among the signs and manifestations of greed

Alive redness

Secretion of some vaginal secretions

The female standing for the male and allowing him to jump on it

The eggs are secreted near the estrus, so it is recommended to be fertilized near its end, and if it extends for more than 24 hours, the fertilization is repeated again. The behavior of estrus in goats is more evident than in ewes, but the female goat searches for the male herself

Before pollination, care must be taken to trim the hooves of the herd, especially in rams, in order to help it in the pollination process

The herd members should also be in good condition (free from internal and external parasites), with the need to raise the nutritional level of the rams as they reach the stage of fattening, in addition to the necessity of exercising them and excluding inactive individuals.

It should also be taken into account to reduce the nutritional level of the herd and then suddenly raise it for a period of three weeks before introducing the females to the males, while continuing at this high level throughout the pollination period, and this is what is known as “flushing.”

After preparing the females for impregnation, all the necessary males are not released to the herd at the beginning of the season. Rather, some males are placed with the females, then the rest of the males are released when the largest number of females shows the aforementioned signs of sexual greed.

After fertilization and making sure that pregnancy has occurred, the females who have been vaccinated with males for a period of 35 days are clear.

The sex ratio: (in sheep) 3 rams for every 100 ewes
(In goats) 2 goats for every 40-50 goats

Length of pregnancy in sheep and goats: sheep (144-156 days); The number of embryos is one and often two. goats (146-157 days); The number of fetuses is two

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