Phosphorus deficiency in animals

نقص الفسفور في الحيوانات -

Phosphorus deficiency in animals

Phosphorus is a mineral element necessary for the body, it is the second element available in the body after calcium. Therefore, its deficiency is considered malnutrition, and it has many body functions, including detoxification

One of the problems caused by the lack of phosphorus in the body

Pain in the joints of the animal where you find the animal walking on its knees
Weak bones, hooves and horns, especially in young calves
Fetal deformity and poor health of newborn animals
Beast curvature You find a beast at birth that has a curvature in its limbs, not only because of a lack of copper and selenium, but it may also be a lack of phosphorus
Loss of appetite and poor growth
Lack of fertility and lack of milk production
Bloody urine

Treatment and prevention Giving animals a diet rich in phosphorus, nutritional supplements and phosphorous injections

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