Daily horse care

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The horses must get periodical care on a daily basis, so as to preserve their hygiene, clean their hair, and rid them of any material they may attach, and this daily care gives the opportunity to check the body of the horse, and helps clean the horse by stimulating her muscles to grow, as well as by giving him a haircut, and a sense of imagination

To achieve this, many different tools can be used as a brush, a horse hairdresser, a rough brush, a cloth, wool, a cotton towel, a washing machine, an electric haircut, and other palms

Daily cleaning can be cared for by starting to comb the hair of the head of the horse through the brush or the fuse, then cleaning the brush or gloves of the hair attached, and moving to the rest of the body in the horse, taking into account the use of appropriate tools everywhere in the body, and the use of hand-held hands can be used to clean small palms and massage

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