The most important methods used to increase the number of litters in sheep

أهم الطرائق المستخدمة لزيادة عدد المواليد في الأغنام -

The most important methods used to increase the number of litters in sheep

PMSG injection 

The effect of this hormone is related to when it is administered within the sexual cycle, as it does not achieve positive results unless it is given in the pre-estrus period, which extends from the 13-16th day of the cycle in sheep. As for the ideal time to inject this hormone into the muscle alone, it is the 14th day of the estrus cycle. Or an injection is given when the vaginal sponges are removed or shortly before that

Injection of bovine follicular fluid

Injecting sheep with the follicular fluid resulting from the ovarian follicles of cows and the deposition of steroids, that is, containing the inhibitory hormone, leads to inhibition of the secretion of the FSH hormone and delays the entry of estrus, if it is injected in the pre-estrus period. 
The use of this method is excellent when it is complementary to the injection of prostaglandins, where the injection of the follicular fluid is started starting from the tenth day after the first injection of prostaglandins 

Treatment with ram pheromones

The use of rams' wool extract containing pheromones led to an increase in the number of births in sheep, and this is due, of course, to the high rate of ovulation.
This method is considered one of the easiest ways to increase the rate of ovulation and the number of births during the pollination season, and it is also the safest.

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