Caring for little calves

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 What are the procedures to be taken before the calf is born to avoid losses?

 At the outset, it must be emphasized that taking care of the mothers and moving them to a quiet, clean, well-ventilated and dry place immediately before birth contributes to the disembarkation of the newborn calf in a clean environment away from sources of pollution and diseases.

 Also, good nutrition for the mother helps in preventing infectious diseases during pregnancy, in forming a healthy fetus, and in reducing the chances of miscarriage

During the period of drought to mothers (two months before childbirth), vitamin E with selenium can be given several times to avoid soft or white muscle disease and weak heart muscle for newborn calves.

 With the emphasis that immunizing the mother during the drought period against the causes of mortality in suckling calves is an excellent opportunity for the concentration of immune bodies in the colostrum of these mothers, which in turn are transmitted to the newborn calves with lactation, and this is considered the only way to prevent in this critical period of life, as the calf does not Responds to vaccination in the first days of his life

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