Vitamin A

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Vitamin A deficiency is classified as one of the diseases of birds, and it usually occurs in birds that follow a diet that includes seeds and nuts, especially peanuts and sunflower seeds. Many vital functions and an imbalance in vitamins and functional processes necessary for the growth of the bird and increase its productivity 

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency

The first symptoms of this disease appear from bird diseases, represented by; The appearance of white spots in the eyes, sinuses, inside and around the mouth, and with the passage of time, they turn into pus-filled abscesses, and the abscess in the mouth may cause difficulty in breathing, or distort the opening of the trachea, or what is known as the glottis, and thus suffocation of the bird death, and if the untreated abscess grows large enough; It may lead to closing the hole in the roof of the bird's mouth, and then the appearance of nasal secretions, swelling around the bird's eye, in addition to a number of symptoms, most notably.

The gills are clogged with scales

Swelling of the eyes, and sometimes the appearance of secretions



Weight loss


Decreased appetite

Bad breath

Tail bobbing


Poor plumage color


 In some cases, vitamin A deficiency affects the internal organs of the bird. Causing a number of disorders in the body's systems, such as the digestive, reproductive, or respiratory systems

Causes of vitamin A deficiency in birds

Vitamin A deficiency occurs, most of the time, due to malnutrition

 In the case of following the bird; for a diet; Based on the seeds, it is likely; Does his body not get the essential nutrients it needs? to maintain his health

The bird has liver problems

Coccidiosis or giardia infection

Treatment of vitamin A deficiency in birds

Treatment varies, depending on the condition of the bird, but in general it is recommended to resort to the veterinarian; To stabilize the bird, and to cleanse its mouth of all the abscesses in it, which hinder it from eating food or water, and from breathing normally, and because of the weakness of the immune system and the respiratory system; The bird may need treatment for the underlying infection it is suffering from


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