Poultry farms and signs of misconception

مزارع الدواجن والعلامات التي تدل على سوء التهويه - Shopivet.com


Once inside the barn, it is noticed that there is something like fog or fine dust at eye level or windows

 The presence of a distinctive unpleasant smell, which is the smell of ammonia gas, which you can notice immediately upon entering the farm, and it is a stinging and irritating smell

 Observing excessive moisture in the barn litter, which is a cumulative result

Observing moisture on the walls and windows (steam - droplets), which is an instantaneous condition that can disappear immediately after good ventilation

Note the weak demand for feed and the lack of a high appetite among birds

 General lethargy in the herd, the presence of sloths, and a lack of activity and vitality

 Gathering near the walls and away from feeders and watering cans 

 There is a discrepancy in the flock weights and a large percentage of the birds did not reach the required weights according to age

 The appearance of respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or difficulty breathing

The appearance of inflammation, redness and congestion in the bird's eyes, along with ocular secretions

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