How to improve the performance of the horse and increase its capacity and ability to work

كيفية تحسين اداء الخيل وزيادة طاقته وقدرته على العمل -

Have drinking water available at all times, and make sure to keep the basin containing the water clean. In the cold heat, the horse drinks 18 liters of water, and this amount may double if the horse makes a great effort

Calculate the quantity Food By Weight, Not Volume: Weigh each scoop of the different ingredients you use to feed your horse

Nutrition advice

Add some fibres, mainly hay and husks, to make the horse's chewing easier and more effective. It is not recommended to add more than 2 kilograms of this fiber in each meal

Pay attention to the quality of forage and hay: avoid old, moldy or unclean feed

Make the horse's weight and temperament an important measure in its nutrition: every horse needs a diet commensurate with its weight and its response and acceptance of food.

Avoid training the horse immediately after eating: give the horse a two-hour break before riding and training it

foot Food To the horse at the same time daily: Horses are animals that feel comfortable when they follow a certain routine

Increasing the amount of calories and linking them to additional effort: Be gradual when making changes in the composition of feed and ingredients. Food for your horse

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