Cattle fever, most important symptoms and treatment

الحمى القلاعية في الماشية اهم الاعراض وطرق العلاج -

Foot and mouth disease is a viral infection, usually non-fatal, but highly contagious. It affects cattle and pigs, as well as goats, sheep, and other animals such as elephants and rats. Horses are not injured

What are the symptoms of foot and mouth disease?

Sores inside animal mouth the patient and makes him incapable of me gulping It also leads to inflammation inside the animal's hooves from what it loses Function A defect in movement occurs normally, And to  Drooling of animal profusely and high degree  His temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and his weight is low A lack of productionto Alban

:Treatment foot and mouth disease

noThere is Treatment to eliminate the virus  If you want to get rid of  The virus that causes the disease because viruses do not have specialized treatments. if you want prevention of  release secondary infection It is advised to give  The animal is given antibiotics and continues topical treatment in agreement region The spread of the virus and the emergence of symptoms 

The use of topical treatment is:

Mouth: Rinse the mouth with 5% vinegar water times Daily

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