How to take care of a pregnant cat

كيفية رعاية القطه الحامل -


The pregnancy period in cats lasts for a period ranging from 63-66 days after sexual intercourse, and the first signs of pregnancy are redness and an increase in the size of the udder in the cat, especially if this is the first time of pregnancy

The veterinarian can perform palpation at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, when the abdomen has increased in size

A pregnant cat can live a normal life of sports and running until the last week of pregnancy, and it is normal for the female to exercise some caution during movement and jumping.

It is necessary to increase the percentage and quantity of food for the pregnant cat, especially since the fifth week of pregnancy, and adding vitamins and mineral salts to the food is very useful during this period.

In the last two weeks of pregnancy, we find the female cat restless and looking for a place to put her young. Therefore, during this period, a house or cage for the female must be prepared for childbirth.


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