Pseudococcal disease in horses

مرض الرعام الكاذب في الخيول -


It is a chronic infectious disease that affects horses only. It is characterized by ulcers and purulent infections in the lymph vessels and superficial lymph nodes under the skin. They may be accompanied by darkening of the eyes and pulmonary infections.


In the cutaneous form of the disease, an ulcer forms at the site of entry of the pathogen slowly and takes its final form over a period of a few weeks to 3 months from the occurrence of infection.

The lymph vessels connected to the ulcer increase in size and swell and form nodes along their course that burst and ooze thick, creamy pus.

Localized lymph nodes also swell and may burst


In early cases, treatment can be achieved by removing the affected tissue and wiping it with silver nitrate or iodine tincture

Injections of iodine compounds can speed up healing

It is recommended to take the vaccine to control this disease  


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