What kind of vegetables can be given to dogs at home

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Carrots are considered useful vegetables for dogs, whether in the form of pieces or whole, and we will find many healthy properties of carrots, including that it fights toxins in the dog’s body, greatly enhances immunity, and reduces heart disease, not to mention that carrots have saccharinol, which protects against cancer and promotes Health Generally in dogs.


Broccoli is considered one of the foods that are beneficial for dogs in general because it contains indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane compounds that work to combat cancer in addition to strengthening the immune system in dogs, and broccoli increases enzymes that prevent cancer.

Green Beans

Green beans help reduce cholesterol in the blood and improve heart health in the dog because they contain antioxidants, folic acid and vitamin B6. They are considered very useful foods for dogs, whether whole or in the form of pieces, and they must be provided to the dog periodically to enhance immunity in general.

Black raspberries 

Organic blackberries are considered useful foods for dogs, but they should be presented moderately and at a rate of no more than 15%. We recommend blackberries because they contain a high percentage of antioxidants, and therefore they are resistant to diseases such as arthritis, allergies and cancer.

Dark leafy vegetables

All kinds of dark leafy vegetables are useful and safe for dogs, and they must be well cooked and served to the dog with meat broth, as they contain a large percentage of antioxidants that protect against inflammation and prevent cell damage that leads to cancer or chronic arthritis.

The following must be observed 

 You should consult your veterinarian before offering some vegetables to pet dogs at home, according to the breed and age of the dogs

The best way to get the benefits and nutrients from vegetables is to puree them properly

 Consider washing vegetables well before cooking and serving them to the dog

Do not use too much salt when serving vegetables to the dog

Vegetables often cause gas in dogs, but this is not a cause for concern


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