equine influenza

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It is an acute infectious viral disease of the respiratory system

Pathogen: Orthomyxo virus 


The incubation period of the disease is 1-3 days

High fever from 39 to 41 degrees

A dry cough that turns into a wet cough

Inflammation of the nose and eye with watery secretions that later turn into purulent secretions

The spread of the disease is fast

The disease period is 1-3 weeks


There is no special treatment

The treatment of the apparent symptoms such as high temperature, cough and runny nose by


Bronchodilators and expectorants


Immune system stimulants

A long-acting antibiotic to eliminate secondary infection if needed

Disease prevention and control 

Periodic vaccination every 4 months for all horses at the age of 4-6 months

Taking into account rest from training and work for 3 days after immunization

Giving vitamins, amino acids and immunostimulants three days before and after immunization

Isolation of infected animals in an appropriate sanitary isolator, with prompt initiation of treatment

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