What are the reasons for the tumor and treatment of the sheep's bottom jaw

ماهي اسباب تورم الفك السفلي للاغنام وعلاجه - Shopivet.com


The condition appears commonly in sheep and is caused by a decrease in the osmotic pressure of the blood due to a decrease in the concentration of protein in the blood, which leads to the exit of fluids from the blood vessels and their accumulation.

But what are the diseases that cause this condition?

This condition is mainly caused by one of the following diseases

 Infection with liver worms (Fasciola): These are worms that parasitize in the liver and are often seen in breeding areas near rivers, water bodies and ponds.

 Infection with Hemonix worms (red hair worms): These are hairy worms that parasitize in the mucous membrane of the fourth stomach of ruminants and feed on blood, causing anemia, general weakness and emaciation.



When this condition appears, it becomes difficult to treat the animal itself, but the whole herd must be treated with anti-parasites on a regular basis.

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