What are the specifics of good DNA strains

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: the speed of growth 

This characteristic is acquired from the line of parents (represented most often in the Corniche), which must be characterized by rapid growth and rapid feathering.

Feathering speed

The breed of meat production must be characterized by the rapid formation of feathers and the uniformity of their distribution over the body, and the duration of the rapid feathering can be known by examining the wing of the chick after hatching. 

 The feathers of the primaries and the feathers of the nostrils in the rapidly feathered chick have the same number and the same length

The chick has medium feathers. The feathers are shorter in length than the primaries

In the case of the chick, which is slow to feather, the feathers of the feathers do not appear, or their number is less than 6 feathers, and sometimes the feathers of the feathers disappear.

Chest width and roundness 

 Chest width is one of the traits that geneticists and owners are interested in Brands Working in the field of improving the efficiency of broiler chickens

The greater the width of the chest, the more it indicates carrying a large amount of meat

: flesh colour 

It is preferable to raise chickens with white meat, although some prefer that the meat be tinged with yellow

Feed conversion efficiency

The breed of meat production must be characterized by its high ability to utilize food and convert it into meat 

Disease resistance and tolerance to environmental conditions

Flocks must be raised from disease-free broodstock that can withstand a wide range of environmental challenges 

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