Do horses actually have 5 hearts?

هل الخيول لديها 5 قلوب فعليا؟ -


Some horse breeders believe that horses have 5 hearts, and ask among themselves the same question: Do horses have 5 hearts, or how many hearts are horses?

How many hearts does a horse have?

After researching the horse's physiology and delving into it, the following is revealed 

The horse has one heart, consisting of 4 chambers, but in order for the blood circulation to be complete for the whole body of the horse, including the four limbs, God created in each of the horse’s hooves an organ called the frog, under which there is a so-called pillow

It consists of tissues filled with blood vessels, and its function is to re-pump blood into the horse's heart to complete the blood circulation

And when the horse puts its weight on the hoof, it presses on the frog and the pillow, so it squeezes the blood in the blood vessels and sends it to the heart.

Therefore, the permanent movement of the horse is required to stimulate blood circulation in the extremities

Number of horse hearts 1 However, because the heart muscles are divided into atricular muscles, ventricular muscles, and myofibrils, they come into motion that are not skeletal and involuntary

These muscles respond to messages from the central nervous system, and the horse's heart is located in the same place as the human heart, i.e. the lungs, between the ribs and above the diaphragm.

Some believe that the horse has 5 hearts because the heart is divided into four chambers to pump blood towards the hooves

A thoroughbred racehorse's heart weighs 5 kilograms and is about the size of a football. While the heart of an adult young man is 250 grams and the size of a fist


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