You know the most important disease in the pasture

تعرف الى اهم الأمراض التي تصيب الإبل مرض القراع -



It is a very common disease in camels, especially working and young camels whose age is less than three years. The incidence of infection in females is higher than in males. The infection rate in two-humped camels is higher than in one-humped camels 

: the cause of the disease 

Candida disease in camels is caused by a number of fungi. These fungi grow on the skin, on the dander, or on both


Methods of infection: Factors that contribute to infection 

Candida is transmitted from one camel to another through direct and indirect contact through tools and supplies used in camel breeding 

Through contact with barns contaminated with fungus, as the fungus remains contagious for a long time if it is dry 

Clinical symptoms 

The lint falls off the skin in the places of infection, leaving the place of infection in the form of circular and round spots, the diameter of the circle ranges between (1-2) cm. These circles may be close to each other and sometimes overlap, and the spots are covered with smooth or rough scales free of lint. The fungus may enter a little under the skin, causing pain and irritation to the camel, and then the camel tries to scratch the site of the infection with the walls or trees and nearby solid objects. The preferred parts of the infection with thrush are: the head (around the eyes and ears) and on the neck. and shoulders. The chest and between the front legs, and the infection may be in all parts of the body. The infection rate increases during the cold and dry months. After healing from the injury, a scar remains on the body, free of lint 


Recovery may occur without treatment as a result of improved nutrition, but treatment is often as follows

Washing the site of infection with soap and water. Then leave to dry 

Anointing with iodine solution (5%) and the process is repeated once every day until recovery

There are many types of medicines that are used to treat fungus such as 

Natamycin Mycostatin

Formalin solution, concentration (10%), spray or ointment

A mixture of alcohol and salicylic acid

Old camel owners used to pour boiling salt water over the injury site to burn it with boiling water 

It is always advised to inject vitamins, especially (A and D), for a camel infected with the disease. 


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