Do you raise a cat in this article that knows why she's upset

هل تربي قطة في هذا المقال تعرف الى أسباب انزاعجها -

Cats are among the cutest and most delicate creatures and the most sensitive beings. Therefore, if you are raising a cat, you must take into account its feeling as much as possible. Therefore, you should know the reasons that lead to its anger and annoyance. 

When we leave her alone indoors for long periods of time without any care

When yelling at her, this leads to depression in cats, and she may stop eating and live alone for long periods

When you bring her another animal, she takes care of it and neglects it

When you pour water on cats in a sudden way, it makes them angry

When cats are forced to play with strangers or even play with them in a brutal way, it may make them angry

When cats play with their owner and constantly feel and wipe, then they do not pay attention to them and ignore them, and this leads to a feeling of great sadness in cats

If you leave Food And their drink for a long time without changing and not cleaning the place for it makes her angry

Not playing with the cat, neglecting it, and trying to touch and kiss it makes it sad

One of the things that make cats angry is to leave them alone in the dark, as they are like children afraid of the dark


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