Blue tongue disease

مرض اللسان الأزرق -


It is a viral disease that primarily affects sheep, but may sometimes affect cows, camels, and ruminants in general. It is caused by a virus transmitted by insects. It causes inflammation of the oral mucous membranes and lameness


The affected animal has a high temperature

 General symptoms: lethargy - loss of appetite

- In the acute form: catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membranes, nasal secretions and salivary secretions are noted

And it leads to the formation of dry crusts in the front of the mouth and nose with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, gums and tongue, and the formation of hemorrhagic spots that turn into blue spots (congestion and becomes blue) after several days.

In some cases, the animal may have gastroenteritis, causing bloody diarrhea

Muscle pain and difficulty walking


Inflammation of the lungs 



There is no specific treatment for the disease because the disease is viral, but general treatments are given to raise immunity and prevent secondary infection. It is very important to give intravenous nutrition because the animal refrains from eating.

 Fever reducers and pain relievers 


different serums

 Topical treatment of ulcers (sterile sprays)



Attempt to identify infected sheep, cows or ruminants and immediately dispose of them

Use of insecticides to eliminate the intermediate

Use vaccines to protect healthy or uninfected animals

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