The importance of having hope on your farm protects your parts from many diseases

اهمية توافر الأملاح في مزرعتك تحمي قطعيك من امراض كثيرة -

The breeder may notice these behaviors from some members of the herd 

licking the walls

I eat dry herbs

Eat sand

They eat each other's wool and this indicates that they are deficient

in salts and vitamins

Thus, this deficiency causes many problems, including:


Weight loss and body weakness

Fertility decline

Anemia and severe emaciation

The lack of selenium and vitamin (E) is the most important disease that sheep and kids get after birth

Therefore, the adoption of salt block in livestock breeding has an important role in organizing and complementing the feeding process

Benefits of salt block (licking stones)

It boosts immunity and contributes to the body's resistance to diseases

Activates the movement of the body and muscles

 Maintains the chemical balance in the body of cattle

Activates the enzymes and nutrients that structure and build leather and wool tissues

Helps in the formation of bone tissue in cattle


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