brucellosis in camels

الحمى المالطية عند الإبل -

Camels are infected with brucellosis, especially if they share pastures with other infected animals, such as goats and sheep.

And cows, and the disease is considered one of the most important diseases transmitted between animals and humans, and it causes huge economic losses in countries where the brucellosis germ is spread, of which there are several strains such as the abortive type that causes the disease 


The disease is characterized by causing an abortion in the affected camel, which is why it is sometimes called a gastric abortion. It causes inflammation and swelling of the testicles in males, and sometimes infections in the knee joint.

How to control it 


 Disposal of infected camels by slaughter

 Vaccination of uninfected camels

Do not introduce infected camels to the herd

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