What are the reasons for confinement in horses?

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Lack of drinking water for all its reasons, whether due to lack of clean water, excessive salinity, or other reasons. I see it as the first cause of a horse that already suffers from congenital defects in the pelvis or urinary tract. Therefore, every breeder should pay attention to this point and monitor the amount of daily water drinking for the horse. 

Bladder infections

Salts and deposits in the kidneys or urinary tract 

The presence of kidney stones 

Obstruction of the urinary tract, which may be accompanied by an enlarged prostate gland, or infection of the urinary tract with what is called infection by bacteria 

Use of some medicines that may have an effect on the urinary tract, or as a result of complications

Anesthesia during surgeries

Exertion of the horse in hot weather and depletion of body fluids 

Spasm of the sphincter of the urinary bladder 

Some lesions of the spinal cord that result in paralysis of the urinary bladder are specific to mares

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