The needs of camels for salts and their importance

احتياجات الإبل للاملاح واهميتها -

Camels are sensitive to salt deficiency, especially to salt Food Which must be provided from feeding on saline plants or free salt, and it is better to provide salt cubes that contain mixtures of salts to avoid any deficiency, especially in trace mineral elements such as selenium. It has been estimated that the daily need of camels is 20 grams of table salt per 100 kg of live weight, and this amount must be available in the feed Drinking water and added salt. Breeders used to add 50-100 grams of salt Food per day for each animal in the absence of halophytic plants. Generally, if the animal consumes more than its needs of salts, then it is excreted through the urine. As for the need for calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium necessary to maintain life, it was estimated at 4 g, 5.2 g, and 3 g. Respectively, for every 100 kg of live weight and for milking camels, about 2 gm calcium and 1 gm. Phosphorus per liter of milk

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