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60% of the adult horse's body is made up of water

It is very necessary for the horse and the amount of water that the horse drinks depends on it

On the weight of the horse, as the adult horse needs from 6 to 60 liters of water per day

In the Gulf region, such as the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the climate is very hot during the summer times, which causes the horse to lose large amounts of water through sweating to moisturize the horse’s body and cool it down. Also, sweat pours out from the horse in high humidity as well, which causes it to lose a lot of fluids and salts Therefore, it is natural to increase the amount of water provided to the horse

Horses drink fresh water or desalinated water, as the following should be noted

Drinking water must be pure and clean

The absence of any smell in the water provided to the horse

Drinking water must be free of bacteria. It is recommended to take samples and test them in a laboratory to ensure that the water is free of bacteria or any source of infection - the absence of any foreign substances in the water.

Water is provided to horses in large bowls or buckets or through automatic waterers. It is recommended not to leave large amounts of water above the horse’s needs for long periods, in order to avoid stagnant water that may be a source of bacteria and fungi, especially with the high temperatures in the summer. It is also necessary Very clean horse drinking places on a regular basis every day

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