Infertility in horses and its causes

انعدام الخصوبه عند الخيل وأسبابها -

  Mares suffer from many reproductive problems, including infertility, and there are many factors that cause infertility, including short reproductive season, reproductive system diseases, or failure to appear in the normal sexual cycle. The inability to diagnose the appropriate time for mating in the mares and inform them of the appropriate time causes them to not become pregnant, which raises the suspicion that they are not fertile. It must be ensured from the health point of view of the mare and on good and integrated nutrition, as well as that it is free from infectious diseases. One of the important problems facing Arab mares is the early death of the fetus, which may be sucked if it is days old, or thrown out of the womb without being noticed. In both cases, this affects the mare and is reflected in its fertility.

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