Training and care of racing camels

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During the racing season, especially if the period between races extends for more than a week, the training process also continues with the aim of maintaining the fitness of camels, as well as to increase their familiarity with the racing fields. During the season, interest in racing camels increases in terms of care, nutrition, and health interest, and this can be summed up in the following

Covering the mouth of the camel with a muzzle between meals so that it does not resort to eating anything it is not supposed to eat, such as dirt, dung, etc. 

Covering the body of the camel, especially at night, with mattresses made of wool or thick cloth, in order to protect the camel from the cold

 Ensure that camels are not exposed to strong air currents or heat by building barriers or covered pens 

 Distinctive health interest in contextual context

 During the racing season, camels receive excellent nutritional attention. Before the race, they feed on alfalfa, dates, and barley. As for after the race, it is given in addition to these elements butter, honey, tablet and milk, and among the diets followed with racing camels is that they fast for a period of 17 hours from eating before the race, as well as they are prevented from drinking for a day or more, and this is called stimulation 

Training a distinguished cadre to supervise camels 

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