Inflammation of the eyes in cats

التهاب العيون عند القطط -


Regularly, in case of suspicion of a problem in the cat's eyes, inform the veterinarian, because there are some problems that lead to loss of vision if they are not treated and followed up. 

There are signs indicating that the cat has something in the eyes 

Frequent blinking in the eye and closing it: This indicates pain and discomfort in the cat and there is an injury

Swelling of the eyelids: It may be caused by bacterial, viral or allergic infections

Secretions coming out of the eyes: the color of the secretions is normal, and in case of inflammation, they are white, yellow, or greenish. 

Loss of brightness in the eye: In a healthy eye, the brightness of its eye is clear, and the reflection of things in it is usually clear when seen.

Injury to the eye by any external cause 


When the cat feels something in one of its eyes, you notice it moving away from the lights, as well as blinking a lot or closing its eyes a lot 

Bacterial infections: such as staphylococcus, E-coli, Proteus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Make sure to vaccinate your cat against certain eye diseases. Feline influenza and chlamydia are most common in cats

How to clean the eyes 

1- Removing things that irritate the eyes, such as cutting loose hair or foreign objects entering the eye

2- Clean the secretions coming out of the eye when you notice them with a piece of cotton and lukewarm water

3- Washing around the eyes with non-sugar tea before administering ointments and drops 


You should consult your veterinarian 

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