Canary breeding tips

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Choosing the right time for sparrows to mate, which coincides with the winter season for most species except for the canary, which mates in the spring.

The breeder should take into account not to move the cage so as not to cause anxiety to the bird at this important time

Ready-made feed for ornamental birds must be used from reliable sources and guaranteed companies

It contains all the nutrients required for the life and normal functioning of birds

Some types of birds prefer certain types of birds Food Which may be unusual for chicken, such as egg shells and small rusks, because they contain a high amount of calcium

Leave the female to lay her eggs for a period ranging from 22 to 24 days, and the increase in the period is due to the cold weather.

The breeder must transfer the newborn birds to another cage away from the mother after a period of time ranging from

30 to 40 days, until the mother has finished feeding them and makes sure they are able to eat Food by themselves 

Paying attention to the cleanliness of the cage, walls, rooms, mating and breeding houses, and washing the floor of the cage with water

Once a month, separate it from the cage, clean it well, dry it, and then put it back again

If the breeder buys new birds, he must separate them from the old ones immediately after purchasing them for a period of not less than a month.

So that diseases do not catch other birds

Avoid raising dust near the birds to protect them from respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. Also, avoid not putting newspapers at the bottom of the cage so that it does not get absorbed. Food Ink is poisoned

For birds, it is better to replace the newspaper with white paper or leave the floor of the cage bare

Provide good ventilation for birds to get rid of carbon dioxide, taking into account that birds are not exposed

For air planes, therefore, the cage must be covered, leaving a third of it bare, so that the birds do not catch colds

After removing the cover from the cage

Put the infected bird in a small cage by itself, away from the rest of the birds, so that the infection does not spread to them

Pay attention to providing balanced amounts of Food For sparrows, they can be given a small amount of fruit

Fresh vegetables 3 times a week such as carrots, apples, cauliflower, cucumbers, corn

Preventing sparrows by bringing a bottle containing half a liter of water, and adding half a spoonful

A small amount of sugar to it, and add vitamin A, D, E once every two weeks

Renewal of water for birds at a rate of day and day

Giving the necessary and necessary immunizations to birds under the supervision of the veterinarian

Always ensure that eating utensils and water are clean

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