What do you know about pigeons?

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types of pigeons

Pigeons are distinguished from other birds by their beauty, cleanliness, and delicacy Pigeons  In the world there are about 67 genera and about 313 species, and some of these species are domesticated, such as those that are raised in homes and farms, while others live freely in nature. Pigeons cancellation, including Pigeons Egyptian Ghazar, Indian Ghazar, Turkish, Shami, Zaalil pigeon, Baladi, Roman, Maltese, Rumi, King, Modena pigeon, Maltese pigeon, French Mondaine pigeon, Carneau pigeon, and others

In general, you need breeding Pigeons knowledge, training, selection of standard and superior species, adequate housing, scientific feeding, and health care.

Features of pigeon breeding

 Breeding is characterized Pigeons  It is easy and low cost, as it contributes to the purification of fields from weed seeds, and it does not need large areas for breeding, and it can be raised in a small area, and it does not need hatcheries or incubators because the parents carry out the process of hatching and incubation, and it is Pigeons It is one of the least diseased birds, and it tolerates different climatic conditions, as its mortality rate is low. It does not exceed 5%: 10%, and the economic cycle ranges between 5: 7 years in which production achieves the highest possible return, at a rate of 8 hatchings for each pair of Pigeons per year

Pigeon mating methods

 Married in Pigeons After the period of sexual puberty, which is completed six months after the date of birth in one of two ways: the natural way, which is the free marriage method between Pigeons The free one, where each male chooses his female, as for the artificial method, it is done by breeders, by placing the male with the female in a closed place until acquaintance and mating takes place.


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