How do you know if your cat is pregnant? Read next

كيف تعرف ان قطتك حامل اقرأ التالي -


How do you know that your cat is pregnant without ultrasound or x-rays?

It is not possible to specify exactly because the issue differs from one cat to another. The duration of the cat’s pregnancy is two months and several days (from 63 to 65 days). 

These symptoms indicate that your cat is pregnant 

Stop meowing and issuing any sounds that stop the mating request

You will find that she tends to sleep

Some cats vomit

Then the stage of obstruction of breath ends and the stage of gluttony begins in eating more than its normal rate

increase in weight

You will find her tending to petting, asking for attention, wiping and courting her

Then with the passage of time .. the breasts begin to swell

And redness and drops of milk in it

And the belly is in balls and grows, and this appears clear after five weeks, that is, after (approximately 35 days)

Some cats, at the beginning of their pregnancy, change the shape of the eye as if they had applied eyeliner, which makes the eye look more beautiful (if her eye was not originally kohl) and appears especially in white 

To be more sure, you should go to the nearest veterinary clinic for an ultrasound examination


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