The most important conditions that must be met when constructing Pigeons housing

أهم الشروط الواجب توافرها عند إنشاء مساكن الحمام -


The most important conditions to be observed when constructing housing Pigeons To reduce the spread of diseases as well as the time required for breeding zaghalil so that a high production of zaghalil can be obtained 

It must be housing Pigeons Flying and nests are exposed to the sun most of the time to disinfect the dwelling, prevent insect breeding, and help provide birds with the necessary ultraviolet rays to form vitamin D.

 In the design of the housing, it is taken into account that it is always dry and far from attacking mice, and that it is of a reasonable height that enables the breeder to take care of the herd and disinfect the dwelling. 

It is allocated for every 3-4 pairs of Pigeons square meters of floor space

Need Pigeons To good ventilation, especially in the summer, and therefore houses are provided with special openings for this purpose from the front of the house, and the house must be well insulated in the winter, and it is preferable not to heat the houses to avoid excessive heat that affects the production of gazelles 

 The floor of the dwelling must be raised above the ground level by a distance that allows the breeder to move under the dwelling to carry out cleaning operations and avoid the breeding of mice 

Considered to be housing Pigeons Close to the breeder's dwelling so that continuous observation of the herds being raised is available 

assigned to each pair Pigeons Its own nest to achieve a complete living separate from other pairs 

Providing stores large enough to store grain and forage for a month 

 Having a place to save the resulting compost so that it is far from residences Pigeons 

 The dwellings inside the barn must be interconnected and have one entrance to facilitate the care, feeding and hygiene of the entire barn. 

 It is preferable that the roof of the dwelling be inclined to reduce the temperature and prevent the collection of rain water. The front side is 2.5 meters high and the back side is 2 meters high. 

 Residences vary Pigeons Depending on the place to be raised and the purpose of education as well as preparation Pigeons required to be nurtured 

Although the use of floors made of wire mesh that allows the passage of blue is more expensive than cement floors furnished with sand, it is characterized by the following:

 Banish mice 

Reduce the chance of infection with parasites, especially worms 

 Reduces the chance of increased humidity in the dwelling caused by rain, spilled drinking water or showering

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