What are the preferred types of breeding in the bathroom?

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It is always preferable to start with the low-priced varieties, in order to gain experience first in breeding, and after gaining experience, the average prices are to be started, and then the expensive ones.

Pigeons need something to build their nests with, such as:

Fallen feathers and palm leaves cut into thin slices.

 Pigeons often lay two eggs, and the incubation period ranges from 16-19 days. The eggs hatch after 6 weeks in order to grow and be able to fly.

 The distinction between the male and the female is distinguished by the thorn, and it is two of the existence under the opening of the legs as it is adhesive or close to the male and followed by the femininity, and the young person can derive from the external form of the form, as it is the best of the male and the most important of the male. Shine from the female

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