What nutrients do horses need?

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The horses need energy, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins and horses in their dietary needs depending on their tasks, ages and types. The duty to raise all species is to balance food in order to maintain the health and weight of the horses that are suitable for obesity. There's a well-known fact and a public error, whether it's a preparation Brands Or the stable itself, and horses prepared for breeding and reproduction programs differ in their nutrition during pregnancy, just as horses that go out for evening rides or training sessions need compensation and somewhat different foods to keep the horse from losing weight, as well as each age needs vitamins and compounds, so the dowry is in the first year It develops in growth, so it needs a balanced amount of calcium and phosphorus, and energy and protein are extremely important for foals for the development and growth of muscles up to the age of three years. As for the horses that are trained, they need energy, so the supplements are added with the diet or directly through the nutrients intravenously, and these quantities depend on the type of work, time and weight. Other nutrients necessary for energy metabolism must be raised in a manner commensurate with the increase in energy needs. Also, elderly horses need from 15 to 20% additional energy, due to the lack of ability to absorb nutrients, so the change in diet must be done with caution and over long periods of time, if the horse suffers from difficulty in chewing due to dental problems or temporomandibular arthritis. The jaws, the appropriate food for such cases includes soaked alfalfa, and some carefully selected foods that are easy to digest in the mouth.

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