Bath Pigeons and their importance

لبن الحمام وأهميته -

pigeon milk

One of the very important things is feeding the chicks to increase their weight. Feeding takes place 10 days after hatching, as the chicks are collected in batteries separated from the mothers on a diet consisting of 50% beans with 25% wheat with 25% corn. The chicks are sucked 3 times a day after soaking the food in water. for 4 hours

The vines are watered using plastic syringes, and the vines that will not be slaughtered are fed on a diet of 75% corn and 25% beans.

Milk Pigeons It is considered a divine food for young geckos. It is a thick liquid that contains 70% water, 17.5% protein, 10% fat, and 2.5% minerals. It is secreted from a membrane lining the vesicle in the mother and father, and is secreted in the first week of hatching.

If the parents are lost or the children are abandoned when they are young, it becomes necessary to feed them on a milk substitute consisting of eggs Pigeons Fresh or egg yolk Pigeons It is mixed with some milk and given to the Zaghalil with a plastic syringe in the mouth

In the absence of a milk substitute Pigeons An emulsion consisting of barley flour or rice powder with bean powder is used, and it is light and thickens with time


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