What is the horse's daily routine?

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The daily routine must be appropriate to each case, such as facilities and equipment, time, available labor, and the horse training program for each horse.

The following instructions are for general cases

 Horses need to be dressed on a daily basis in order to be able to move, which is one of the natural habits of horses, and usually for an hour a day, but the time period can vary according to the type of training that the horse performs.

Horses need daily cleaning, as well as cleaning hooves

Be careful not to give Pigeons Daily for horses using shampoo, which leads to damage to the covering layer of the skin and hair

Observing the horse daily and inspecting it to notice any wounds, lameness, or any differences that may occur on it

 Horse feeding should take place on a regular basis

Check the water well daily to note its quality and to ensure that the required quantity for drinking is available

Daily inspection of the facilities and stables to notice anything that might harm the horses and make repairs

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