Dust storms and how to preserve your fiber

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These days, with the change of seasons, dust storms are considered one of the most serious problems facing humans and animals together, and these storms affect animals and lead to the emergence of some symptoms of diseases. Therefore, it must be noted to track these symptoms and the need to deal with them carefully in order to avoid the occurrence of complications and can sometimes lead to death. And consulting a veterinarian in the event of a significant development is important and necessary

Symptoms of dust storms in cats and dogs

Redness and secretions in the eyes of cats and dogs

Skin sensitivity and the emergence of obvious problems on the animal's body

Dry and severe coughing spells

Symptoms may appear significantly, strongly, and more dangerous to young animals

What are the ways to care for animals during a dust storm?

In the case of dust storms, it is preferable not to leave the animals outside the house and to keep them without exposure to dust

Providing hot drinks and snacks such as yoghurt with honey, and the need for permanent water availability for animals

In the event that any respiratory or skin symptoms are observed, they must be dealt with carefully and a veterinarian should be consulted immediately

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