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It is a common, individual infectious disease that affects mammals, birds, fish, and humans. It is characterized by a generalized inflammatory reaction as a result of the spread of bacteria in the blood and tissues, which leads to blood poisoning, sudden death, miscarriage or delayed pregnancy, and neurological symptoms. It is considered one of the diseases that affect humans.

: the cause of the disease 

Listeria microbe

Methods of spread and infection 

1- Through contaminated water and feed

2- Through the excrement of infected animals 

3- Through an infected person or a carrier of the microbe

4- Exhausting factors reduce the immunity of disease-carrying animals and show clinical symptoms of the disease 

5- Through sexual intercourse

: portability

6- The disease affects young rabbits, and it may also affect adult rabbits, and it leads to an imbalance in the nervous system ... It also leads to infection of the reproductive organs in pregnant females and to the death of the fetus. 

7 - This microbe infects ornamental birds, especially canaries. It also infects chickens, geese and ducks... Young birds are more affected by the disease than older birds. 

8- The disease affects field animals, especially sheep, and causes purulent brain infections, and it is a disease that cannot be cured. 


Died without prior symptoms 

Staying away from feed, lethargy and general weakness 

Abortion in pregnant rabbits or delayed pregnancy 

 The appearance of neurological symptoms, including neck twisting, spinning, and imbalance



This is a contagious disease for humans, and it is preferable to isolate the rabbit or get rid of it in the event that it does not respond to treatment

Give long-acting Tramycin 0.5 cm intramuscularly and repeat again after three days, or Tramycin 1 cm intramuscularly and repeat for 5 days


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