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Cofacalcium -

Cofacalcium 500ml

52.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications Cofacalcium Cofacalcium is a solution of calcium salts. Cofacalcium is used to reduce mastitis. It is used to protect against milk fever. It is used to increase...
COFAFER 100 ml -

COFAFER 100 ml

84.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Covavir Covavir is an injection solution, used for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Dosage and method of use of Covavir Covavir is used...
DEXALONE Solution 100ml -

DEXALONE Solution 100ml

73.50 د.إ.
Dexalon price and specifications Dexalon is an anti-inflammatory, which contains dexamethasone. Dexalon is used to treat inflammatory, allergic, or traumatic conditions, and to treat preeclampsia. Dosage and method of use...


78.75 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Heparinol Heparinol is a solution used as dialysis, to rehabilitate the liver, and to preserve it after injury. Dosage and method of use of Heparinol Heparinol...